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Fraud Prevention


  • To develop an effective, easy to use auto loan credit assessment tool for a big auto dealership.
  • In case of risky applications, the tool should be able to suggest ways to cover the credit exposure (e.g. higher down payment, high interest rate etc.)


  • Developed statistical models on historical data to predict charge-off/ early pay-off and other loss producing behavior propensity.
  • Developed an easy to use MS Excel dashboard tool with the model algorithms built in.
  • The tool takes an application’s profile details as input and gives scores to it on various risk propensities.



  • The business has an informed way to accept/ reject applications based on what behavior to expect.
  • By using the recommendations to improve risk profile, they have a way to improve the portfolio quality without increasing rejection rates.
  • Good: Any customer whose application is approved by the bank.