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ScoreData helps businesses leverage their data to dramatically improve the quality of their engagement with their customers. The easy-to-use and simple-to-deploy nature of ScoreData’s Scorefast™ platform enables data scientists and business managers to create the most effective run-time consumer models and scores for fraud detection, churn-management, caller-agent mapping, recommendations and cross-sell applications. We leverage the most up-to-date best-of-breed open-source technologies.

ScoreFast™ helps bring new data models to market in record time, and fosters collaboration among your business managers to build a broad range of enterprise applications. Our self-learning models ensure that hitherto expensive model building and updates will happen automatically thus dramatically lowering total cost of ownership. You can build your business insights by combining legacy models with newer data models and new data.

If you are a business that seeks to track consumer behavior, and want to match consumers with your most optimal products or offers that meet their needs, or you are a business that is seeking to optimize workloads in the delivery chain without compromising customer satisfaction, then we have a solution for you. ScoreData solutions can be deployed across multiple touch-points such as mobile, web, kiosk and store.

ScoreData solutions have been used by some of the largest companies in the world.

Product and Technologies – Business Ready Machine Learning Platform

  • ARCHITECTED FOR CLOUD:  integrated with modern big-data pipeline frameworks (auto-scales linearly with increasing demand, to billions requests/day) — Flexible on-premise, off-premise, public/private cloud deployments
  • FAST: In-memory algorithms computation (100x faster than traditional Hadoop based systems)
  • UNIQUE DATA MODEL ASSEMBLY and MANAGEMENT:  Check-pointing, and retrieval of versioned ensembles, for model accuracy and stability (hundreds of models simultaneously computed)
  • BUILT-IN RUN-TIME SELF-LEARNING: automatic model updates replaces manual systems Automatic features selection, Best of breed open-source algorithms continuously upgraded – always the best solution gets deployed
  • BUSINESS FRIENDLY CONSOLES: Architected to build business ready, intuitive user interfaces, and reports

Application Areas (Use Cases) for Consumer Facing Industries

  • Customer Analytics: Fraud & Risk Detection in Banking & Insurance, Credit, Collection, Cross-sell, Upsell
  • Business Operations: Workload Optimization, Demand Analytics, Replenishment Planning Analytics
  • Security Analytics (  Identification of anomalous behavior patterns in very large data sets in application traffic as it interacts with the enterprise

Examples of Past Customer Engagements

  • Agent-ranking, Caller-Agent Mapping, Workload Optimization in a Contact Center
  • Claims Management, Cross-sell offers, Default risk management
  • Use CDRs to predict Fraud, and Early Delinquency for loan payment defaults
  • Product Recommendations across multiple customer touch points (email, web, mobile)
  • Facebook response modeling, Consumer Life-time Value